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Powder Room Glow UP

Damac Hills

Our client came to us with a simple request: "Give our powder room a serious glow up!" Challenge accepted! We worked our magic and transformed their space into a jaw-dropping oasis they never imagined possible.


Private Client


Design and Management


Feb 2023


Stress free renovations

"Inhabit truly exceeded our expectations when it came to transforming our powder room. With their expertise and guidance, we were able to bring our ideas to life seamlessly. They alleviated all the stress associated with the project, leaving us with a stunning and stress-free result." - Emma

When it came to designing the powder room, we employed creative techniques to make it truly remarkable. By using gold grout, we enhanced the beauty of the tiles, while a stunning pink sink became a captivating focal point. To exude luxury, we incorporated gold elements that added an extra touch of elegance.

Through meticulous procurement, we sourced exquisite tiles and an incredible sink that perfectly complemented the powder room's design. Collaborating with our trusted bathroom contractor, we ensured flawless installation and a stunning end result.


Our project management approach for this powder room renovation was meticulous and efficient. From coordinating timelines to overseeing every detail, we ensured seamless execution. With clear communication and proactive problem-solving, we delivered a successful project that exceeded our client's expectations.