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Full apartment make over


Our client had a clear goal, to flip their shoreline apartment and maximize profits while doing so. With our expertise and determination, we rolled up our sleeves and turned their vision into reality, in record time, creating a remarkable transformation that exceeded all expectations.


Private Client


Design and Management


Dec 2022


Making profits

"Thanks to Inhabit, we made a great profit when we flipped our apartment! Their expertise and guidance were priceless. Highly recommended!" - Tash

In order to maximize our client's profits, we opted for a neutral design throughout. However, we made sure the kitchen stole the show with its stunning and eye-catching features.


Balancing cost and quality was crucial for this project. Our aim was to achieve the desired price for our client's apartment while ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and materials. Mission accomplished!


With a tight deadline in mind, we worked diligently to meet our client's goal of selling the property as quickly as possible. Our efficient and focused approach ensured a timely completion without compromising on quality.